Braxton Cruz & Cody Seiya

Braxton Cruz & Cody Seiya

Braxton Cruz & Cody Seiya knew they would be a good match when they met and they prove it in a passionate scene soaked in chemistry —and cum. Cody says he was intimidated by Braxton. You’d never know, though. He gobbles down Braxton’s huge cock and kisses him with so much romantic passion. It’s no wonder Braxton responds in kind.

Braxton puts Cody on all fours and uses his tongue, fingers and mouth to make out with Cody’s hole and cock, priming him for fucking. It works because Braxton doesn’t hold back plowing Cody every which way. And while on top of Cody, he puts him in state of ecstasy. It’s not too much for Cody but Braxton has to slow down and does so by sucking Cody and kissing him like his longtime lover.

With Cody on his back, Braxton hungrily eats out his hole again. He then resumes drilling him with intensity, which strengthens as their eyes meet. Their gazes are still locked as Braxton plows Cody from the side. He can’t hold back much longer and erupts in a volcano of creamy cum. Braxton slides back in, and Cody shoots a big load too. They’ve made a tasty mess, leaving them both VERY happy.

Date: December 15, 2023
Actors: Braxton Cruz

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