Logan Stevens and Zario Travezz

Hunky beefcake Logan Stevens makes his first appearance with young stud Zario Travezz. Both of their cocks are very stiff and pronounced during the interview; but the moment it concludes Logan rips off his underwear. Zario leans over and sucks down every last inch of Logan’s long, thick uncut dick. Zario can be heard gagging every once in a while, as Logan plows his huge cock into the back of Zario’s throat. Logan motions Zario to lay back on the bed and at the same time he pulls off Zario’s underwear. Zario’s cock is completely aroused and Logan does not waste a single inch of it. Zario rolls over on his knees and points his ass towards Logan. Logan buries his face deep in Zario’s ass shoving his tongue into Zario’s tight hole. When Logan feels like Zario is primed and ready he kneels behind Zario and slowly pushes his thick dick into Zario’s ass. Logan goes slow at first; but, in no time at all he’s power-fucking Zario and from the moaning coming out of Zario’s mouth I’m guessing he’s really enjoying that huge dick plowing his hole. Zario takes his turn with Logan on bottom and Zario on top riding Logan’s dick as Zario’s rock-hard cock bounces up and down. Finally, with legs in the air, Zario is on his back with Logan pounding away at Zario’s ass. Zario begins jacking his cock as Logan leans forward to kiss him all while continuing to fuck Zario’s hole. Logan begins fucking harder and Zario can’t hold back any longer. He blows a heavy load of cum all over his ripped, muscular abs while Logan continues pounding at his hole. Logan pulls out and coats Zario’s balls and cock with a thick helping of his creamy white jizz.

Date: November 15, 2023
Actors: Zario Travezz

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